A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, ​​she completed her training by participating in workshops given by Cristina Iglesias, Abbas Kiarostami, Víctor Erice, Gabriel Orozco and Wilfredo Prieto.

At the national level she has participated in various exhibitions in Barcelona,​Madrid and Bilbao, and her videos have been screened at the CA2M, Tabakalera, the MARCO in Vigo, La Conservera in Murcia, and in the LOOP and the SCREEN Festival de Barcelona, among others.  Internationally, her audiovisual pieces have been shown in various festivals such as Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, the Latin Video Art Festival of New York, the Tehran Film Festival and the FIVA festival of Buenos Aires, as well as in other cities such as Lisbon, Athens and Montreal.

In 2018 she had her first major solo exhibition, WINTERREISE at the BilbaoArte Foundation, and she has participated in exhibitions such as NEW SPAIN at the Solar Gallery (Portugal) and EMBARRAT at the Trepat Museum in Tàrrega. Her work has also been selected at the Punto de Vista, Zinebi and KurzFilm Oberhausen film festivals.


In the months before he died, Franz Schubert composed one of his most important works: Winterreise. In a single work, the composer united the 24 poems of Wilhelm Müller and put them to music, turning them into a collection of pieces of music for piano and voice which, without a defined story line, tell of the journey of a walker through a snowy landscape after being rejected by his lover.

It is a work in the romantic style and with a marked existentialist character where the exterior landscape is transformed into an inner world. This inner world represents a mental and psychological state that reflects a period of crisis of conscience at a social, cultural and political level.

I take the musical composition as the central theme and propose WINTERREISE, a multi-layered film that crosses over from the personal to the universal. It is a re-reading of the famous Lied from a different time angle, but with the same existential drift towards essence or nothingness.