Pamplona, 1976. Studied Fine Arts in Bilbao from 1994 to 1998. Afterwards, she returned to Tafalla, where she works and lives at the present time. In 2013, she took part in Asier Mendizábal’s workshop at the CA2M and in Ion Munduate’s Workshops at Arteleku. In 2010, she participated in Peio Aguirre’s Workshops at Amárica. Here are some of the exhibitions she has done: in 2015 contrapuertas, ESTRUCTURA, toldo, canal, PAVIMENTO, a month and a half in the hall of El Sario of the University of Navarra Pamplona; in 2013, divided into two seminars, Visitas y re visitas: Recoletas y retablo at Nivel F, also in Pamplona; in 2012, for 33 days, Objetos que participan at the Horno of the Citadel of Pamplona, and in 2010 La gente de aquí conoce la ciudad. Rememoraciones y directos, a morning in the Losada cutlery shop of Cordoba.



foto de montaje con publicación de Maite Vélaz "la hija y los padres comen"

La hija y los padres comen izeneko argitalpena Vélaz restaurante-cafetería proiektuaren testuinguruan gauzatu da. Proiektu horrek, argitalpena ez ezik, bost bideo eta zenbait eskultura multzo ere hartzen ditu barne...

vélaz restaurant-cafeteria

Paying careful attention to music produces objects, shapes and images. The development and communication of productions relates to ways of accessing art, forms, apprenticeships and languages.

Vélaz (1976-2011) is the name of the restaurant that belongs to my family. A scenario of life, a workplace, a space devised and developed by my parents on many occasions with other people, a conventional business. The place where I have lived, my family and I, almost always.

Vélaz restaurant-cafeteria is an approach. Cross, read and analyse that place from another position. An approach that uses music as a mechanism to reveal a text. An auditory manner that works like the substance or the structure of the work.

My father worked in his family’s tavern. When he travelled, he would look for ideas in the places he visited, deciding what interested him and what not, and contrasting this with his own experience and local conditions. My mother didn’t use to cook, but when she started she used the recipes of my two grandmothers. She soon began to consult cook books and later she did some courses with well-known chefs.

I asked them how they had had decided which lighting fixtures to use, choose chairs, arrange tables, select colours, and so on. On occasions, they chose furnishings they remembered they had seen somewhere before they decided to set up business. On other occasions, after speaking to their local carpenter and builder they decided there was no solution, so they would travel to nearby cities to visit the most avant-garde bars to find an answer.Poner la atención en la escucha de música produce objetos, formas e imágenes. El desarrollo y la comunicación de las producciones tienen que ver con los accesos al arte, con los modos, las maneras, los aprendizajes y los lenguajes.


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  • foto de Besos, escultura de Maite Vélaz
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