foto del proyecto "translation" de ion munduate

Donostia 1969. Artist trained in San Sebastian, Madrid and Paris. Together with Blanca Calvo, in 1994, he began an intense artistic collaboration from which several works of art emerged. At the same time, they conceived Mugatxoan in 1998, a training project dedicated to research and creation...



Translation is the title of a research project I have been working on for the last two years, and focuses on the conflict of intentions within the framework of work performances of three artists. The aim of limiting the framework formed by these pieces and the action of revisiting these is to liberate new workspaces.

 This performances are as follows: Water Walk (1960) by John Cage, Locus (1975) by Trisha Brown and Organic Honey’s Visual Telephaty (1972) by Joan Jonas. I have worked on a way of bringing the three performances together and on notions of annotation towards a musical score, an annotation that does not aim to capture the meaning or execute an original  performance , but the singularity of suggesting the birth of something.

In general terms, in Translation, I try to convey the substance of each of the three performances I am researching, or more specifically, the substance of the original process of each performance. It is for this reason that I have chosen the name in English for its dual meaning of translate and convey. Translate the substance to other formats and situations in order to exhaust this and give a new meaning to the translation process. Understanding the process of translation in the sense given to it by the writer and translator Ashkan Sepahvand in the book Seeing Studies written with the artist Natascha Sadr Haghighian; in which, the notion of interval that is given to the translation process, is more a hybridisation and mutation process than one of separation, an act of renovation not of transfer. It is in that interval of movement and conveyance that I am interested in articulating this project.

As a result of this research, I have material in video, drawings, musical scores and exercises that, due to their nature, I do not wish to share in the form of a performance, and so now I am going convey the results of that research project in the form of a publication and several videos.