concierto en NK Berlin, 6 de septiembre 2015. Fotos de Glen Schena

Mattin (Bilbao 1977) is an artist who mainly works with noise and improvisation and who writes articles on the political connotations of improvisation. He has toured throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and has taken part in numerous exhibitions and art and sound events. Likewise, he has released more than 80 records through different labels around the world and runs the experimental label w.m.o/r.

Along with Anthony Iles he has published the book Ruido y Capitalismo (Noise and Capitalism, Arteleku-Audiolab 2010).

In 2012 CAC Brétigny and Taumaturgia published the book Unconstituted Praxis, which contains many of the texts and interviews by Mattin as well as reviews of his solo and collaboration performances.

social dissonance

Six people will perform a score based on a series of instructions during the 163 days of documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel. The performance will be broadcast via streaming on the documenta website and the files will be accessible on The score proposes generic gestures and questions where the notion of instrumentalisation is in contrast with the notion of instrument.

The performers will use the audience as instruments, similar to how improvisers play their instruments in non-conventional ways and against their normal uses. In this way the concert seeks to explore and reveal how we normally behave, in both the exhibition space and in our day-to-day lives.

The porous qualities of the score and the interaction between performers and audience will constantly undermine the autonomy of the score itself and also of the situation, integrating aspects of everyday, social and political reality in the exhibition space. To achieve this, the Social dissonance score borrows strategies from experimental music which moves the emphasis from the sound to the social.

Presentation in Tabakalera (San Sebastian)

I've been invited by Xabier Erkizia to take part in the Out of Sync (Music and Revolution) programme, which is in turn part of Stimulants: Circulation and Euphoria, a project curated by Oier Etxeberria and in development in Tabakalera during this year and the next. My proposal for this invitation consists of creating a social context to see and hear Social dissonance through broadcast via streaming. This broadcast will be made in a space in Tabakalera where another type of audience, different to that in Athens and Kassel, can come, listen and discuss during this long concert in a specific space. In order to help create this social context, there will be a workshop to explain the ideas behind the score. The hope is that Social dissonance will be part of the debates that are currently taking place in the Basque country on topics such as listening, improvisation and freedom and noise.