T-festa is an art and T-shirt platform that aims to disseminate new artistic manifestations.

wash machine

A set of drawings, serigraphs and T-shirts where repetition, sequence, specific combinations of colour and certain frictions are explored.

 t-festa-ren argazkia (art t-shirt festival)

The 15th, 16th and 17th of July will see the third edition of T-festa (Art T-shirt Festival)...


July 3, 2014 - July 6, 2014

rosa parma

Parma’s body of work includes drawings, t-shirt prototypes and editions, independent fanzines, installations, and site-specific artworks.

Her interests come from expressions of popular culture, the subcultural spaces they inhabit, and fluid forms of gender and sexuality.

Parma was the founder of Espacio Puerta, an independent artist-run space that hosted exhibitions, workshops, video programs, screenings, public presentations, and debates. Along with Laura Fernández Conde, she also co-founded T-festa, an independent platform providing the opportunity for artist to produce new work using t-shirts as support. T-festa has hosted three festivals to date, and continues on-going programs of collaboration with artists.