March 9, 2012 - May 12, 2012

sobre botellas inflamables

"The unsustainability of exploitation without a defined value"

Two years ago, I was looking at documents related to the Spanish Civil War and came across a series of images and information concerning bottles filled with flammable liquid, later known as "Molotov cocktails". This weapon was invented by the soldiers themselves on the front, undoubtedly due to the difficult circumstances they were in. Even though Molotov cocktails have very different ideological associations today, in their early days they were given the status of an official weapon within the army and were even manufactured industrially.

My work over these last two years has consisted of generating a dynamic of bottle production based on this historical reference. This initial activity has gone hand in hand with a parallel series of "bottle racks" and similar structures. These two areas of work have complemented and influenced each other in a relationship that could be regarded as both positive and negative, with almost antonymic connotations at every level. Thus, even though I have, out of conviction, kept the work of producing bottles outside the boundaries of visibility that artistic activity provides, the production of "supports" (bottle racks) has occupied this "public" terrain in my professional activity. Nevertheless, this close relationship that has gradually evolved and been forged by permeability has resulted in an identity-based construct, which by default begins to suggest the need to go beyond `mereĀ“ formal production.