mutur beltz

The Mutur Beltz project initiative came into being in 2015 as a small, lifelong project of Joseba Edesa and Laurita Siles. Over recent years it has evolved to become an agroecology, art, and culture association which promotes the Carranzana sheep—a breed currently threatened with extinction, much like shepherding life itself. This local initiative in Biscay's Karrantza Valley uses agroecology, artistic practice, and design to tackle the loss of this knowledge. Since its beginnings, Mutur Beltz has developed a large number of activities in spaces relating to the world of art, as well as livestock, artisan craftsmanship, and tourism. Within all of these activities, abundant human interrelationships were produced, observing how the confluence between art and the rural environment opens up the spaces for action and reflection necessary for the rural revolution that this world needs.