Following two publications and radio broadcasts in which we explored the breakup in performance between body and voice —When the body disappears and A body-less voice, towards love, we present the third chapter of this series: Being/Translation.

Sound as a medium of de-materialisation. What do we perceive from a performance when we don't see it and only hear it? Could we ever perceive the space where it is performed and the image it produces? When does the body disappear? Is the voice body?


December 15, 2013


Mugatxoan is a project initiated by Blanca Calvo and Ion Munduate which has been ongoing since 1998 and which is carried out in Arteleku (San Sebastian) and in the Serralves Foundation (Porto). Between 1998‒2010 a framework was adopted that divided work into Processes, Workshops, Residencies-Productions and Presentations. Later, in 2011, Mugatxoan modified its usual structure to approach projects by subject blocks. The first of these was Cuando el cuerpo desaparece (When the body disappears) and the second, carried out jointly with the curator and writer Virginie Bobin, was Itzultzen ari gara (We are coming back).