Eighth edition of Zarata Fest, festival of weird music and the like.

Ninth edition of Zarata Fest, festival of weird music and the like.

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Tenth edition of Zarata Fest, festival of weird music and the like.

Festival of Weird Music and The Like


Edition XIII of Zarata Fest, the rare music and related arts Festival


July 4, 2014 - July 5, 2014
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December 18, 2015 - December 19, 2015

miguel a. garcia

Miguel A. García (aka Xedh) is an artist living in Bilbao, who works in the field of experimental music and sound art. He has performed extensively across Europe, America and Asia as a solo artist and in several bands. He has collaborated with dozens of artists in the studio and live, featuring in more than a hundred albums.

In parallel, he is an event organiser and curator. He is the founder of Club Le Larraskito, director of Zarata Fest, and a member of the coordination team of the Hotsetan series at Azkuna Zentroa, all of them platforms dedicated to promoting risk-taking music and related disciplines.

web: www.xedh.org