Héctor Rey-en  Makalakak proiektuaren irudia

The work of Héctor Rey has been shown in arts centres such as the School of Visual Arts (New York), Montehermoso Kulturunea...


poster Makalakak. Diseño gráfico: Jaakko Suomalainen
December 12, 2016 - December 14, 2016
poster con 3 retratos: Stefan Thut, Antoine Beuger y Manfred Werder
December 12, 2016 - December 14, 2016


makal alaka laka
kala kalaka maka

Makalakak is a gathering around experimental musical composition and interpretation. For three days, the composers and instrumentalists Antoine Beuger, Manfred Werder and Stefan Thut, members of the group Wandelweiser, will give concerts from their own repertoire and that of other related composers, as well as run participatory workshops.

The aim is to open up a space which enriches the current context of contemporary and experimental musics in the Basque Country, giving exposure to new influences which in turn stimulate the productivity of local creators, as well as the general public’s curiosity, taste for new musical aesthetics, practice of attentive listening and awareness of the world’s sound.