luz broto

Luz Broto lives and works in Barcelona. Her work consists of speci c interventions that make slight changes to the uses and meanings of the spaces in which we live and pass through. Her most recent works include Durante la exposición el centro permanecerá abierto [During the exhibition the centre will remain open] (Lo Pati, Amposta, 2015), Abrir un agujero permanente [Open a permanent hole] (MACBA, Barcelona, 2015), Volver a casa [Returning home] (CA2M, Madrid, 2015), Aumentar el caudal de un río [Increasing the ow of a river] (La Panera, Lleida, 2014) and Atar cabos [Tying up loose ends] (García Galería, Madrid, 2014). She has taken part in group exhibitions such as Performing Politics (Institut für Raumexperimente, Berlin, 2012), Jonge Spaanse Kunst (Appartement Elisa Platteau, Brussels, 2012), Die Fünfte Säule (Secession, Viena, 2011) and the 5x5 International Award for Contemporary Art (EAC, Castellón, 2011)