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 I work across different disciplines such as drawing, sculpture, sound and images. Lately I've been working with drawings, starting from photographs from my own archives. I’m interested in marginal places, relationships to objects...

(Bilbao 1974). Su formación es musical, como pianista. Junto con Isabel Bernal, dio apertura a la librería feminista y espacio cultural “Neskaixe”, en Bilbao, 1998...


I’m very excited about publishing my work in La Lavandera, with Elena Aitzkoa and Raúl Domínguez.

I still don’t know what the book is going to be like.

Our aim is to publish our works under a common label. In our proposal, which seeks to push the boundaries of poetry, intimacy is the key to a new politics of form.

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Book of drawings by Estanis Comella done between 2009 and 2015, grouped in this volume under the title Arkaeology...


Lalavandera is a publishing platform inaugurated by the artists Elena Aitzkoa and Raúl Domínguez in 2013 with their own books. It came about out of the simple need to publish the work of both of them in a direct manner, close to the action to which they were accustomed. At the beginning of 2013, they published two books with the help of eremuak: La Revolución de las Extremidades by Elena Aitzkoa and RD, a book of drawings by Raúl Domínguez

Now they are setting out on two new projects to continue their work. The artists Leire Ugalde and Estanis Comella will take the baton with their forthcoming publications.

Leire will publish a writing book and Estanis will work basically with the image Even light.