foto del microfestival artístico Iturfest

Antespacio is an association which creates various cultural projects. It is currently made up of Melodie Martín, Laura Diez and Damián Rodríguez...


logo del Festival Iturfest
October 21, 2016 - October 27, 2016


cartel del micro festival artístico Iturfest III

October 13th to 20th

Calles Iturribide, Prim and Fika, Bilbao.

October 12 - 19

iturfest 2016


Iturfest  is a mini art festival which is being held for the second year running in Bilbao’s Calle Iturribide and Calle Prim, streets which are on the cultural periphery of the “Casco Viejo” area. They are border areas, transit points, and play an important role in the city. This year, we are going to be focusing on the historical context of these streets, creating an archive based on the memory of the neighbourhood but without neglecting the current situation.

Performances, activities, installations, workshops, etc. are organised through random, welcoming and non-invasive encounters, and daily life is reimagined by using spaces which do not have a mainly artistic purpose. The main aim of the festival is therefore to promote a local cultural framework within the area’s commercial network.

Iturfest also enables experienced and upcoming artists to meet and connect with each other, creating an environment where expertise and new energy can come together to create, educate and interact.

  • Logo of the Iturfest Festival
  • Photo of the installation on the stairs. Iturfest festival in 2015