eremuak is a space set up to implement the context of artistic practices in the Basque Country. eremuak’s main aim is to create a platform for artists and designers and to establish a work place that operates like an observatory on the art scene, in which notions such as "system", "context", "community" and "institution" become unavoidable paradigms.

Since it was set up in 2010, eremuak has sought to socialise contemporary art and other artistic and discursive practices with an emphasis on the necessary correlation between production and dissemination. In this way, eremuak is an open, continuous event that includes the production of creation, interpretation and mediation proposals.

Likewise, one of the main aims of eremuak is to help generate an atmosphere of debate and understanding of public policies for art and other priority subjects for contemporary practices in the world of culture, through the organisation of conferences, seminars and commissions. eremuak mainly targets the public sphere and aims to foster a participative, public policy.

eremuak is a space for the production of contemporary art set up by the Culture Department of the Basque Government.

After five years working with Artium,  2016, Azkuna Zentroa is the new host organisation for the eremuak programme for 2016. This information was revealed at the press conference held on 3 May, along with details on the history of eremuak and the activities due to take place in 2016 as seen in this video.

Interview broadcast on 10 May 2016 in the programme Talaipe on Bizkaia Irratia. In this interview, Pello Irazu, a member of the eremuak programme committee, tells us about the objectives of eremuak and about the activities that are currently taking place; for example, the exhibitions within the new programme of contemporary art, HARRIAK, aimed at enabling new spaces for artistic mediation, exhibition and dissemination.