poster of the HALO exhibition in Arenatzarte, within the HARRIAK programme


picture of the HARRIAK programme. Design: Gorka Eizagirre

HARRIAK is a contemporary art programme aimed at enabling new spaces for mediation, exhibition and artistic dissemination...

Coordination: Lydia Lomas

harriak: 'halo' exhibition

HALO is an acronym for High Altitude-Low Opening which describes a type of parachute jump, but it is also a term for the energy generated around bodies.

Jumping into the void and landing like parachutists, we perform a reconnaissance of the terrain and find spaces in equilibrium. These places always present a difference between what we have been told and what we see.

Parachutists, on landing, determine and give meaning to that space through the experience. They must be guided by what they already knew before, by their instincts and by what the terrain reveals, creating a new story from their own exploration.

The space, in the process of definition, is more powerful than when the process has finished.

In this exhibition we present works of art that re-think and question both objects, processes and landscapes.

Initially, when we land, we experience confusion and disorientation.  This HALO that surrounds the object and the space creates uncertainty, but it also wants to tell us something, and it is from there that a space for questioning arises.

Participating in the exhibition: Iranzu AntonaZigor BarayazarraMikel del Río MoránSantiago Fernández MosteyrínAmaia MolinetRafael Munarriz.
Curated by Antespacio

Opening times at ARENATZarte :
Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00
Sunday: 11:00-14:00

TransportTrain: FEVE c/Bailen kalea, 2 (48003 Bilbao); and bus: BizkaibusComisariado por Antespacio