ÉL ÉL ÉL erakusketaren kartela. Egilea, Lorea Alfaro


imagen del program Harriak. Diseño

Following the pilot version of HARRIAK in 2016, eremuak is launching the second edition: HARRIAK 2017...

Coordination: Jon Otamendi

harriak: "él él él" exhibition

From May 12th to June 18th.

For me, a park is Mariana. The women of Algiers. A red fluorescent sun.

Alba is from Bilbao, her mother too, and her father from Burgos. Julen is from Beasain, his mother and father from Córdoba. Distant and alone. Manu is from Madrid, his mother from Castilla, his father from the Dominican Republic.

There’s no need to theorise to better explain what's close by. On the terrace, in accident and emergency, in the Turkish song, on the foosball table, in loose cigarettes, in the wheelchair, in that too-hot summer, on the steering wheel, in Remedios, on the screen, in the laptop. Between all those things, close by. Between these hills. Next to the river of stones. Give me the palm of your hand.

Alba Burgos, Julen García Muela and Manu Tarrazo are three artists who remind us that art is close at hand. Lukewarm. Far from any biography.

Curated by Lorea Alfaro.

Opening times at ARENATZarte :
From Thursday to Sunday: 11:00-14:00

TransportTrain: FEVE c/Bailen kalea, 2 (48003 Bilbao); and bus: Bizkaibus