Curated by: Raúl Domínguez
Artists: Agnés Pe, Ander Lauzirika, Guillermo Orjales

Opening: October 5, at 19:00h

Exhibition hours:
Monday to Friday: from 18.00h to 20.00h
Sáaturday: 10:30 - 13.30h / 18:00 - 20:30h

Private guided visti with Ander Laurizika and curator for high school students of Aita Larramendii School. October 8, at 13.30h
Conference by Agnès Pe: NON-LETHAL “BROWN” POP, Sonic weapons: history, contexts and somatics. October 9, at 18.00h

Bastero Kulturgunea
Ondarreta street, 1,
Andoáin, Guipúzcoa


imagen del program Harriak. Diseño

Following the experience of HARRIAK in 2016 and 2017, eremuak is launching the third edition: HARRIAK 2018...

Coordination: Jon Otamendi

harriak: "canta cucu" (sing cuckoo) exhibition

October 5 – November 10 

Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo. Embarrassment, the ridiculous and the foolish sometimes bring us closer to the warm body of the other.

Agnès, Ander and Guillermo do not worry much about having a style, but they have it in abundance, they show it with their hands. From different viewpoints and interests, such as sound, fashion and photography, each one takes us to a place that is necessarily their own. Their uniqueness goes beyond the limits of these disciplines. It involves a way of doing things that is not premeditated, that implies a fragment of life with the images, with the sounds, with everything. Often the work invades, without asking permission and at unsociable hours, because it is not only a case of seeking reality – reality also arrives of its own accord. Everything collides and the senses run over.

Art creates silence, time and again, in order to continue surprising us. It is an immense task to silence the chatter of the world for a moment. There is not much more to say here, since the exhibition has already said it.