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Lalavandera is a publishing platform inaugurated by the artists Elena Aitzkoa and Raúl Domínguez in 2013 with their own books.

imagen libro de dibujos arkaeology

Book of drawings by Estanis Comella done between 2009 and 2015, grouped in this volume under the title Arkaeology...

drawing of a body, by Estanis Comella

In this project, I aim to finalise some of the series that have been started previously and be able to establish some kind of order, albeit temporary, among all these pieces and series...


September 14, 2018

estanis comella

(b. 1985, Lleida ) I work across different disciplines such as drawing, sculpture, sound and images. Lately I've been working with drawings, starting from photographs from my own archives. I’m interested in marginal places, relationships to objects which may be near or in places which I pass by, architectural elements, positioning. I’m interested in working with music - the archetypal techno and punk - in relation to image, in creating compositions which intuitively convey photographic images which are later transposed to drawings, or entering into investigative drawing processes, starting with plants or bodies, for example, which are also sourced from previously collected image archives.