Edition number 1 of the eremuak publication with collaborations from a number of different local professional agents:  Maite Garbayo, Haizea Barcenilla-Saioa Olmo,  Ainize Sarasola, Ricardo Basbaum en bulegoa z/b, Marion Cruza/Grace Livingston, Miren Arenzana, Peio Aguirre and Txuspo Poyo.

Buletin honen zero zenbakiaren bidez, eremuak ekimenak hausnarketa horiek etorkizunean garatu ahal izateko gune bat eskaintzen du; gure testuinguruan kritika eta azterketa garatzeko eta esparru publikoan parte hartzeko espazioa...


eremuak#4 continues the work in the publications eremuak#0, #, #2 and #3, published in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Edition no.3 of the eremuak magazine contains text and visual material produced within a Basque context. The following people have contributed to the magazine: Iñaki ImazMaría BerriosLarraitz TorresZigor Barayazarra (insert and central artistic contribution), MugatxoanPeio AguirreJorge NúñezSusana TalayeroAimar Arriola, and the back-cover artistic contribution from  Julen Agirre ...


Accompanying the eremuak International Talks at Azkuna Zentroa in October 2019 is this issue of our magazine,which brings together contributions on attitudes,works and discourses in the local and international art context ...


eremuak #5 considers the relevance of the ground as a place for artistic occurrences in many current forms of practice. Recent works are often placed on the ground, whether formalised as installations, sculpture, or object type works – often being scattered in space in arrangements that highlight their materiality and pertinence to the mundane. 

In examining the present situation, we have called for outside perspectives, such as the main contributions from historian and curator Pedro de Llano and publisher María Virginia Jaua. A text by Miriam Alzuri, Begoña González and Miguel Zugaza, curators of Después del 68 (After '68), speaks of an exhibition organized by the Museum of FineArts, Bilbao for November 2018, in which the Museum collection and works from other institutions will be showcased to present a broad vision of recent Basque art production.

This issue also includes the habitual interviews or conversations with artists, which provide accounts of two important exhibitions of 2018 in San Sebastián and Bilbao: the wide-ranging La risa del espacio (The Laughter of Space) by painter José Ramón Amondarain at the San Telmo Museum, San Sebastián; and Resistencia (Resistance) by Ana Laura Aláez at Galería CarrerasMugica, which in spite of the artist’s long trajectory is her first solo exhibition in Bilbao for over twenty years. These two interviews were made by artist Nadia Barkate and researcher, writer and curator Maite Garbayo in an effort to set up relationships between different generations.

The issue is completed by a text by Oier Iruretagoiena for Zena eta dena (What Was, What Is), an exhibition he curated for Markina as part of the Harriak programme; a collaboration by Alkolea Beach, a recently closed space for artistic creation and mediation in San Sebastián run by artists Sandra Cuesta, Larraitz Torres and Amaia Urra and supported by our ongoing sponsorship programme; an intervention in the magazine’s centre spread by artist Amaia Molinet, whose project Das Paradies (Paradise) was also sponsored by the programme, and a back cover by Jone Loizaga.

You can download the PDF of the publication here (2,86BM).