Bulegoa zenbaki barik is an office for art and knowledge based in Bilbao and committed to developing research and discussion. It is a collaborative initiative created around a common interest in processes of historisation, cultural translation, performativity, the body, postcolonialism, social theory, archival strategies and education. Its aim is to build a space of sustained discourse and hybrid situations where debate, discussion and exchange of ideas can take place and artistic projects can be materialized. To achieve these objectives, Bulegoa z/b organises seminars, presentations, screenings, performances, talks, conversations and other activities.

The members of bulegoa z/b are Beatriz Cavia, Isabel de Naverán, Miren Jaio and Leire Vergara.




bulegoa z/b

bulegoa zenbaki barik is an art and knowledge office that specialises in research, debate and reflection. Opened in November 2010 in the Solokoetxe neighbourhood in Bilbao, it is a collaborative venture that developed around the following areas of research: the processes of historicising, cultural translation, performativity, gender, postcolonialism, social theory, archiving strategies and education.

bulegoa z/b aims to act as a crossroads and a place of encounter between theory and practice that fosters the development of hybrid and discursive situations.

bulegoa z/b is a space for producing, discussing and sharing ideas and for realising artistic projects. To achieve these aims, it organises seminars, presentations, screenings, performances, talks, conversations and other activities.

bulegoa z/b currently has the following programmes and fields of research in progress:

forms of formless knowledge

This project has appropriated the words "form", "knowledge" and "formless", not in order to invoke them in meanings that are already established and closed, but to twist and employ them as instruments that help us to identify new ways of generating knowledge linked to artistic output.

Initiatives and individuals from various contexts that propose new routes of knowledge through their own practice are invited to join Forms of Formless Knowledge. The programme is posited as a space for experimentation based on the encounter between experience and ideas, in which translation is an essential methodology for rendering the specific nature of each proposal visible. Forms of Formless Knowledge began as an area of research that seeks to promote the opening definition of bulegoa z/b and to keep it alive. 


EGB (Basic General Education) is an area of research that focuses on the concept of self-teaching, a process in which subjects assume an active role in their own education. EGB builds a shared working space through closed and open sessions, presentations, reading groups and other activities. It will function as a study group whose purpose is to generate learning through dialogue and the sharing of knowledge. 


The Glossary is built up from contributions from people invited to submit them. It all started with a series of definitions produced by Isidoro Valcárcel Medina in February 2011 and developed from the need to put up for discussion the meanings assigned to a single term in different disciplines. The list is gradually growing as new terms and definitions are added. 


A (self-)teaching project set up to share and contextualise something that we are uncertain as to what it is: Illegal_Film. The project is open to everyone interested in suggesting films on condition that they talk about them, launch a discussion or invite other people to do so. Illegal_Film is an open-source format conceived in 2007 in Belgrade by Marta Popivoda, a member of the TkH platform [Teorija Koja Hoda; Walking Theory]. 

productions on a wall

This area of work focuses on the production of ephemeral artistic projects that take the only available wall in the office as their support. In contrast with the established conventions of the three-dimensional spaces of the "fourth wall" of the theatre and the "white cube" of the gallery, the two-dimensional surface of a wall is a simple yet adequate space that delimits a place of encounter where the performative action can be constructed. Productions on a Wall views the wall as a blank sheet on which texts and writings can be dematerialised.


Outskirts includes all projects carried out in collaboration with other institutions, which may be developed outside Bulegoa z/b’s physical space but reflect our concerns and ways of working as an office of art and knowledge.