Errekan is a sound project. A compilation of texts to be read aloud. Loudly. Viva voce. The voice is a corporal missile. It is protected from my body to yours via the river. The voice goes beyond the meaning of words. It means surplus. It is what is left behind after the semantics. And from there, from its excess condition, the voice subverts the order of language.


April 7, 2014 - April 11, 2014
June 13, 2014


AZALA is a space for residencies, a meeting point between artists, researchers and theoreticians in the field of performing arts practice and its contaminants. Located in a small rural village in Araba, it organises residencies, seminars, workshops, laboratories and presentations of stage productions, meetings and celebrations. Azala means “skin” in the Basque language, a porous skin for creating time and space.