Lives in Bilbao (Basque Country). His work in the world of film includes his movies, cinema programming, writing, teaching, music and the stage. He holds a doctor in fine arts (2013) from the University of the Basque Country, with the doctoral thesis titled Fricciones. Artificios dramáticos en el Cine contemporáneo (Frictions. Dramatic Devices in Contemporary Film). Guest professor on the InCreArte master's programme at the University of the Basque Country. From 2013 to 2016 he co-directed the Puerta cultural space in Bilbao along with Laura Fernández Conde and Rosa Parma... 


January 20, 2014 - January 24, 2014
January 26, 2014 - February 2, 2014


pantalla fantasma is an Audiovisual Competition held on an annual basis oriented specifically towards radical, extreme, destructive, subversive audiovisuals...

Pantalla Fantasma is an annual Audiovisual Exhibition that features radical, extreme, destructive, strange audiovisuals…regarding the form rather than the means, in every case, and within a number

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Phantom Screen is an annual Film Season that detects fringe, underground, outsider and strange films, with regard to their form rather than their substance and in parameters of marginality due to their intense nature....

Final submision date: October 15

audiovisual show pantalla fantasma III edition 2014

"If the white lid of the screen could reflect light of its own, it would burst the universe."

Luis Buñuel

SCREEN because it is conceived as an examination that detects the audiovisual happening inside the boundaries of a light area. 

PHANTOM because it claims a "ghost" attitude of aiming for something unattainable, with no fear of surrendering to the format.

FESTIVAL where the projected movies explore the limits of the audiovisual, extremes in a formal sense but not obvious, carnal without displaying the flesh represented.

This Festival aims to exhibit those boundless films that explore the subversive in the audiovisual with no fear of being audiovisual on a screen.

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Hiddagal Danny Winkler & Emilia Loseva | 2013 | 47'

Between the slates of discrete landscapes, evoking the apocalyptical spirit of Gustav Meyrink, a man awakes, unable to identify neither the state of things nor the state of mind. He peels the husk of the fragmented matter of memory, exhausting the illusion of wholeness and meaning. The unfaithful model of the world appears to him only as its own image, acentred, dampened and fluttering. On his way along Hiddagal, the last true form that is left – his own breath – betrays him and the story becomes unreadable.

Body Art Body Apart Juan Carlos Gallardo | 60'

Línea discontinua Marine de Contes | 2013 | 42'

El jurado Virginia García del Pino | 2012 | 64'

The truth is only a group of pixels, the result of a digital zoom on some blurry faces. The camera films members of a popular jury at a murder trial; the camera is as lost as they are in the labyrinth of evidence, images and statements, in people of filming anything other than its own decomposition.

Mesa Irantzu Sanzo | 2013 | 41'

Pastora y marinera. Piernas, (ahora) en tu sangre Sandra Cuesta | 2013 | 43'

The outline as the representation of limits and surfaces. In the most abstract shot, it becomes the observation of surfaces from where one must deduce its deepest shape through superimposed layers that speak of each other.  Everything turns on moving towards a core, crossing several different surfaces. Geodesics, cartography or sea charts are precise sciences that correspond with the symbolic. It begins with a body as the first outline to be taken into consideration, towards a broader extension.

From Spain With Love Andy Rodriguez | 2011 | 43'

A trip to Spain, to see and meet my new inlaws.

Glade Alejandra Pombo Suárez | 2010-2013 | 53'

Glade is not an action movie, but a film for watching with actions, which attempts to enable unexpected encounters between different layers of appearance and disappearance.

KAKOON Sean Brown | 2013 | 83'

KAKOON is an homage to 60’s exploitation director Andy Milligan and inspired by his film Seeds Of Sin. Brit is a girl who needs to be taken care of. She wants the security of marriage and begs her lover Grace to marry her. Grace is an unsuccessful real estate agent. She loves Brit but suspects Brit is not stable. She refuses to marry Brit until they are more secure financially. When Brit’s father dies and leaves his estate to Brit’s estranged and adopted brother Joseph, Brit vows to get the money… no matter what it takes. She invites Joseph and his wife Elain to a reunión dinner where it is revealed that the two played a macabre game as children, mummifying neighborhood pets in duct tape. The group decide to go for drinks at a local bar which also offers tours of Portland’s mysterious Underground Tunnels. In the dark tunnels, Brit resurrects the mummy game and kills Elain. She tells Grace that Joseph has murdered Elain and enlists Grace’s help in hunting down and murdering Joseph in the dark tunnels.

Tríptico del Amor Supremo Julius Richard | 2013 | 65'

When Saint Agustin was asked: “What time is it?” he replied: “I know what time it is until they ask me. Then, I don’t know”. If they ask JRT, he will show his teguments, his “films”: Ethnographies of Oneself. TDAS (in reality, a Pentaptic whose first chapters JRT does not see or show), is filmed between October 2012 and March 2013. TDAS is the story of an End, of two ends: The End of Love and the End of the World.  Eschatological triptych with a visionary discipline: look at what one has to see. TDAS is an epiphany: in the present, the matter of time. A cinema of clairvoyants and enlightened ones. TDAS is an elegy: of the past, the memory of time. A cinema of ghosts and spectres. “Ortoño”, “Facies totius universi (Sunday, March 16, 2008)” and “inV/Fierno” are the three stages of a process of demolition, disintegration and also rebirth.
We do not know what the cinema is capable of, but this cinema can project us into the future.


ghest film

Felony Flats Bob Moricz, 2011

The person passes between the vibrations of moribund shots. There is no way out in the fire of urban science fiction. The American filmmaker, Bob Moricz, proposes a disperse road movie, towards or in the dawn of what is not now magmatic but plasmatic. My yellowish plasma enters through my nose and dries up on my blackish curls.  The rags of idleness burst.


Agnes Pe. Tomas



Total Performance BLIND CINEMA Alex Mendizabal

The image is not the exclusivity of the visual. It is, perhaps, the prelude to language. The cinema understood as kinema, movement. Alex Mendizabal: dedicates himself to effects, pauses, sound sources in movement and ultimately of the resonant in dreams. He has practised blind cinema since the 90s. He lives in Rome.

Special session with Rubén García and Marion Cruza


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Jorge Núñez (Santurtzi, 1983). He lives in Bilbao (Basque Country). Co-founder of the art space Puerta and winner of Injuve 2012. His work ranges from the production of films such as Cabudanni (2010) -con Ander LauzirikaMarrón de Momia (2012) -with Miguel A. García-, Bath Salts (2013) or The Mask of Atlantis (2013); the most performative aspect with Niebla Fascista; and the direction of the film festival Pantalla Fantasma or the film magazine Fuerza Vital since 2009.PhD in Fine Arts from the Basque Country University with the doctoral thesis Fricciones. Artificios dramáticos en el Cine contemporáneo.

Isabel de Naverán researches in and from expanded choreography, by organising seminars, publishing essays and coordinating meetings. She is member of the research group Artea and of the art and knowledge office Bulegoa Zenbaki Barik. PhD in Fine Arts from the Basque Country University.

Xara Sacchi Artist and researcher. Her artistic and theoretical work delves into the relationships between subjection and representation in (post)colonial contects. She produces multidisciplinary installations,staged artefacts; graphic processes and material, visual and narrative objects, Fictionaries. She articulates her theoretical and artistic work with the active participation in groups and feminist movements, lgttibq y queers. She currently lives and works in Bilbao, in the Basque Country.