Bilbao, 1969. He studied Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country, EHU/UPV (1987-1992), and photography at the International Center of Photography, ICP in New York (2000-2002). Since the 1990s the medium he uses is photography and the genre he works with are landscapes. He uses photography as a tool to observe, document and interpret phenomena and processes that occur in the region and their physical, political, economic and symbolic consequences. His latest projects include A Methodology for the Critical Analysis of Land (ongoing since 2000), BAPORAK. La flota atunera vasca en el océano Índico (The Basque tuna fishing fleet in the Indian Ocean) (2013-2017), Deusto Block #26 (2010).


AMCAL 2018
July 12, 2018

amcal 2018

AMCAL 2018[1] is a project by Mikel Eskauriaza, comprised of extensive series of photographs organised in blocks of time. It is the result of applying a methodology for analysing land between 2005 and 2018 in an area of Biscay that has gone through rapid and profound transformations in recent times. The Autocine Getxo is located in this area. The images will be projected in the environment that is their source.

On Thursday 12 July at 22:00, the screening of AMCAL 2018 (A Methodology for the Critical Analysis of Land) will substitute the film scheduled for that day at the  Autocine Getxo drive-in cinema.

AMCAL 2018 is a silent film with a duration of 140’. The screening is free of charge until full capacity is reached. The Autocine can be accessed both by car and on foot. The Autocine has a bar service and terrace.

Location. Bidezabal metro station.

[1] AMCAL 2018 was presented at the Bi Dos Two exhibition by Eremuak (08/02/18-08/04-18) in Azkuna Zentroa.