• portada convocatoria continua 2-02-2016

    eremuak is holding an open, ongoing call for art projects by individual artists and groups whose work revolves around the field of contemporary discourse.
    eremuak is calling for projects which create environments through artistic creation...

  • eremuak #5 considers the relevance of the ground as a place for artistic occurrences in many current forms of practice.

  • imagen del program Harriak. Diseño

    Following the experience of HARRIAK in 2016 2017 and 2018 eremuak is launching the third edition: HARRIAK 2019..

    Coordination: Leire Muñoz

eremuak is a space set up to implement the context of artistic practices in the Basque Country. eremuak's main aim is to create a platform for artists and designers and foster an atmosphere of debate and understanding with regard to public policies for art.